European Carpenters Championships

Every two years, carpenters from all over Europe come together for the European Carpenters Championship to determine the best carpentry nation and Europe's best carpenter. During the three-day competition, which is organised by the European Association of Timber Construction (EATC), young carpentry apprentices from at least eight European countries build demanding roof models and demonstrate the proper handling of timber as a building material. These are assessed by an expert jury for individual and national evaluation. 

European Carpenters Championships 2018 in Luxemburg

Together with Holzbau Luxemburg, Timber Construction Europe (TCE) will organise the 13th European Professional Competition of Carpenters. The event will take place on October 15-21 in Luxemburg.

Your association / institution is cordially invited to participate in this year’s “European Professional Competition of Carpenters” with a maximum of three young carpenters. The prescribed terms of the competition can be found in the enclosed announcement of the 13th Professional Competition. For those countries that desire an initial overview of the performance level of the competition, we staged a “Championship Open” for the first time in the year 2010. As a result of the favourable experience and the positive feedback the “Championship Open” will be held again this year. You can find the supplementary provisions for this Competition by Invitation under Section B of the competition rules. Up to three carpenters per country may also participate in the Competition by Invitation. The two competitions will be held at the same time, although the task for the Competition by Invitation will take two days and will be simpler.

The following program is planned for the 13th European Professional Competition:

15 October 2018        Arrival of experts
16 October 2018        Arrival of participants and tutors
17 October 2018        Workplace setup
18-20 October 2018   Competition days
20 October 2018        Evening celebration (participants, tutors and sponsors)
21 October 2018        Award ceremony and departure of participants

Persons who have completed professional training in carpentry and who are not older than 23 years of age shall be eligible to participant (target date: date of birth 1 January 1995 and earlier).

We would be pleased if your association also participated in the 13th Professional Competition in Luxemburg with young carpenters.

Please use the enclosed registration form in order to indicate your participation by 1 April 2018 at the latest. After receipt of your registration form you shall receive an invoice from us in the amount of EUR 1,000. This EUR 1,000 represents the security deposit which you are required to provide to the event organiser. (This amount will be refunded to you after the competition).

The names of the participants must be registered by 1 August 2018 at the latest. We shall send you a separate letter in this regard.

Please feel free to contact us should you have any questions. Andrea Wolf, Tel.: +49 (30) 20314-533


Competition Rules

European Carpenters Championship 2016 in Basel

The European Carpenters Championships 2016 take place in Basel from the 11th to 15th of October and are hosted by "Holzbau Schweiz" (The Timber Association Switzerland). The Championships run parallel to the Swiss trade fair "Holz" ("Timber") in Basel.

More detailed information

European Carpenters Championships 2014 in Grenoble/France

During the 2014 European Carpenters Championships in Grenoble two winners were announced. The champions are Simon Rehm from Germany and Tharreau Quentin from France who scored equally. The silver medal was not awarded whereas the bronze medal was won by Kevin Weidner from Germany.

In the team competition Germany and France shared the gold medal. The bronze medal was awarded to Switzerland.

Impressions 2014 European Carpenters Championship

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