Proposers face major challenges in the pursuit of research concerns in individual cases: 

  • Self-commitment
    Human, financial and temporal capacities 
  • Lack of transparency of funding opportunities
    Programmes/individual topics
  • Search for cooperation partners
    Financing partners/project partners /scientific institutions 
  • Application procedure
    Compliance with formal requirements/directives/ tight time lines 
  • Formulating proposals
    Language barrier/acquisition of content/ fulfilment of the content requirements 
  • Research accompaniment
    Project coordination, project management, project administration 


The General Secretariat of Timber Construction Europe stands by its members in the pursuit of research concerns by 

  • Supporting strategic research policy 
  • Contributing to European/transnational research programmes 
  • Networking European research interests 
  • Providing information on funding opportunities 
  • Initiating research projects 
  • Developing and expanding research networks 
  • Positioning research (research vision) 



Manfred Filippi
European R&D Manager
Forest-based Sector Technology Platform/German National Support Group
c/o Holzbau Deutschland-Institut
Kronenstraße 55 - 58
10117 Berlin

Phone +49 (0) 30 20314-520
Phone +49 (0) 2244 9278920 (Home-Office)
Mobile +49 (0) 162 100 4203


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