Timber Construction Europe in the European research area

The area in which research and innovation comes to fruition in Europe has now expanded significantly. With the "Europe 2020" strategy and the "Innovation Union" flagship initiative, the European Union is pursuing the objective to develop a "European Research Area" to increase the competitiveness of the European Economic Area. This is characterised by cooperation, in which national research programmes, transnational research initiatives and the European Research Framework Programme "Horizon 2020" develop a coordinated overall effect. 

Strategic priorities 

The research activities of the European Research Area pursue smart, sustainable and inclusive growth as strategic priorities. With it, the achievement of five core objectives is linked; in particular, the implementation of the "20-20-20 targets" by 2020: 

  • Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by at least 20%
  • Increase of energy efficiency by 20% 
  • 20% of total energy consumption derived from renewable energy 


Implementation of the seven flagship initiatives 

The implementation of the objectives takes place in the context of the seven flagship initiatives, of which the initiatives 

  • Resource Efficient Europe , 
  • Industrial policy for the globalisation era , 
  • Agenda for new skills and new employment opportunities and 
  • Innovation union 

in particular are especially related to the service areas of the European timber construction.  

Timber Construction Europe is convinced that funding opportunities for Research and Innovation in the European research area can make an important contribution to significantly increasing competence, performance and competitiveness of European timber construction companies.  

Within the framework of its possibilities, Timber Construction Europe offers its members, its affiliated companies and other interested partners and scientific institutions assistance for common research and development work in the field of timber construction.  

Our Helpdesk can provide you with information about the various support possibilities.


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