For a practical implementation of the Construction Product Regulation!

Regulation (EU) No. 305/ 2011 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 9 March 2011 for the establishment of harmonised conditions for the marketing of construction products (EU BauPVO) was published in the EU Official Journal on 4 April 2011. On 1 July 2013, it completely replaced the Construction Products Directive of 1988.

Its content still concerns elimination of barriers to the Single Market. At the same time, the distinctiveness of Member States’ competency remains for construction product requirements arising from construction work. In terms of EU law, only the provisions of proof that a construction product also meets these requirements are standardised. This is done in harmonised technical standards or via single product-related technical evaluations that a manufacturer may apply for at the technical assessment bodies introduced by the Member States. The manufacturer is then entitled and obligated to apply the CE marking and to specify exactly which requirement level the respective product reaches with respect to certain features.

The obligations of economic operators (manufacturers, traders and processors) have been clarified to ensure that the marketed building products comply with the Regulation. Micro-enterprises may use simplified procedures for proof of conformity and equivalence of their products. 

Timber Construction Europe is committed to a practical implementation of the BauPVO, i.e. it must be ensured that small and medium-sized timber construction enterprises, as defined in the Regulation, can operate in the European market while being able to meet the requirements of the BauPVO in a consumer-friendly manner from an economic point of view. 


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