Regulations in the EU

The European Single Market - based on its economic power – is the largest single market in the world. It is based on four freedoms:

  • The freedom of goods, 
  • The freedom of services, 
  • The freedom of capital and 
  • The freedom of the workforce (in the sense of freedom of movement).

As simple as it sounds to apply the four freedoms, the process of perfecting the single market is complicated. In every country there are different guidelines for goods and services that, for example, relate to the safety of the product or the training of the service provider. This requires a process of harmonisation of the rules to allow for truly free trade and a real freedom of movement while respecting the national character of the individual Member States. 

In this process of harmonisation, the primary goal of Timber Construction Europe is to give the interests of companies in the carpenter trade validity and to continue to remind all those involved in the development of common rules of the sense of the above original idea.  


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