European professional profile for the carpentry trade

A job description for the European carpenter profession was defined by Timber Construction Europe. The description contains 13 tasks describing the scope of work of a carpenter.

Assembly and modernization of timber structures is one of the most important activities of a carpenter. In addition, engineered timber construction, stair construction, dry construction as well as detailing such as the installation of roof windows and the manufacturing of scaffolds and protective scaffolds are part of the defined scope.

In the second part, 36 points defining the skills and knowledge of European carpenters are listed. These comprise: statics, building physics as well as process planning which includes equipping workshops and building sites, IT-skills and calculation of building works.
The job description demonstrates the large variety of activities the profession entails. Extensive skills and knowledge are required for a responsible and competent conduction of the profession. More detailed information can be found here.



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